Friday, October 30, 2020
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What an exciting day it has been. First thing this morning I had a call from my church and I was told that there is someone who would like to make up the difference for us in supplying 500 sanitary napkin kits to the girls and women of the village of Angiro, Kenya. We had hoped to send 500. I was thrilled that we raised enough last week to purchase 352 but when I heard that an anonymous donor wanted to get us to 500 I was just amazed. After expressing my thanks I called Anne and she excitedly said “I told you that the Lord would provide.” Several hours later I had a call and I... (Read More ...)

Over the course of the last 10 days we have been raising money to meet a need in Anne’s village. She had asked us to try to find a corporation that would donate sanitary napkins to the girls and women of her village. She said that they are luxury items that nobody in her village can afford. And so for the young girls, they end up missing 4-5 days of school each month when they have their cycle. I could hardly believe it. And I wasn’t alone. Over the July 4th holiday I was at my Mother’s and she had some of her friends over. We were talking about my upcoming trip to Africa... (Read More ...)

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Nancy Legath is a first grade teacher at the Pickering Valley Elementary School.  Her son, Dan Frantz, is part of the film crew that will be traveling to Kenya next month to shoot the documentary film – Well of  Dreams.  Together, Nancy and Dan thought it would be neat to have the first graders Nancy teaches – send something for the children in Kenya.  We talked with Anne – the subject of our film – about what to send and she met with the people in her village.  They told us that they thought it would be wonderful if we could bring them a few soccer balls. Apparently... (Read More ...)