What an exciting day it has been. First thing this morning I had a call from my church and I was told that there is someone who would like to make up the difference for us in supplying 500 sanitary napkin kits to the girls and women of the village of Angiro, Kenya. We had hoped to send 500. I was thrilled that we raised enough last week to purchase 352 but when I heard that an anonymous donor wanted to get us to 500 I was just amazed. After expressing my thanks I called Anne and she excitedly said “I told you that the Lord would provide.”

Several hours later I had a call and I was told that our generous donor donated $3500 and we could purchase 526 kits. Wow! What an awesome experience this has been, for many of us that got the word out on this vital campaign and saw over 95 individuals give an average of $100 each to help our friends in a developing country.

Thanks to all. Tomorrow we leave for Kenya. We are very excited and can’t wait to start shooting. My team has been absolutely amazing and I have high hopes for this project.

As if that wasn’t already a great day – I just had a call about 30 minutes ago from Roco Films. Our 17 yr old videographer and filmmaker extraordinaire also has a mother extraordinaire and she is a longtime friend of the president of Roco Films. Roco is working with Oprah Winfrey and the OWN network on a documentary film club and she, Sue, followed up with me.

I shared the story and Sue gave me some great insights and advice. But the true music to my ears was when she said “this is definitely on brand for us.” She asked me to keep in touch and gave me some steps. She said that our film is definitely a good fit for the OWN Network documentary club and she wants to see our sizzle reel and rough cut as soon as we can have them ready.

Well, we leave in the morning so I better get packed.