Friday, November 27, 2020
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Imagine Magazine is a publication of Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and this month they did an issue on storytelling that features Dan Frantz talking about his experience working on the film Well of Dreams. In the article Dan talks about his transition from focusing on action and “cool” shots to becoming emotionally connected to the people the film was about. Upon returning to the US Dan was charged with cutting a sizzle reel for the film which became a 7 minute trailer that was sent to HBO, OWN and other networks to attempt to spark interest in the film. He went on to talk... (Read More ...)

Huru International sent out an email today announcing that they have reached 20,000 girls! They celebrated the milestone by sending out a video taken by the Well of Dreams film crew. It is a short video that shows Anne Okelo distributing Huru Kits to the girls in her village. Prior to traveling to Kenya the friends and family of the Well of Dreams movie were able to raise over $10,000 to purchase 526 Huru Kits which were all distributed by Anne Okelo to help keep girls in school.  (Read More ...)

I’m a big Oprah fan. She is just inspiring. And if you didn’t see her very last show, I suggest you find a friend that might have taped it because it is a master class in life. Her insights, wisdom and advice were fantastic. I had also heard that she was going to announce her favorite guest of all time and I had my thoughts as to who it might be. My guess was John Travolta, whom I also adore. But I was wrong. Oprah’s favorite guest of all time was a woman named Tererai Trent, a Zimbabwean woman who, in Oprah’s words, was “not allowed to have an education,” was... (Read More ...)