Friday, November 27, 2020
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I had the wonderful delight to talk to film composer James Lavino today. James studied music at The Juilliard School in New York City. He recently scored the Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning HBO documentary film “Which Way Home.” He talked about that film and how emotion has universal themes regardless of ethnicity. It is something that binds us all together. I found this to be so true when our team was in Kenya a few weeks ago. Although there were language barriers, there were no barriers to understanding the emotions that were conveyed. We felt the appreciation and thankfulness of... (Read More ...)

The trip to Kenya was amazing and so was all of the support that we felt from our friends and family back here in the US. We are thrilled to report that all of the footage and talent releases made it home safely. We have viewed and logged the footage and it’s stunning. Anne’s story far surpassed our expectations. It is a story of determination and inspiration. Currently our focus is to edit the film and get it submitted to the Sundance Film Festival by mid September. It is a daunting task but we are going to make it. We have set up a Kickstarter page to help fund the film. In... (Read More ...)

What an exciting day it has been. First thing this morning I had a call from my church and I was told that there is someone who would like to make up the difference for us in supplying 500 sanitary napkin kits to the girls and women of the village of Angiro, Kenya. We had hoped to send 500. I was thrilled that we raised enough last week to purchase 352 but when I heard that an anonymous donor wanted to get us to 500 I was just amazed. After expressing my thanks I called Anne and she excitedly said “I told you that the Lord would provide.” Several hours later I had a call and I... (Read More ...)

Today was an exciting day for the film crew. It was our first day of principal photography. The shoot was an interview with Warren Callaway who is the person that introduced us all to Anne. It was a lot of fun and Warren was great. As he said – “it’s a great story.” We asked him about how he met Anne and how he became involved in her life. He had great insights as to Anne’s potential and vision and the great future he sees for her. There was also lots of teasing as we hurdled minor technical issues. All in all a great first day to our journey.  (Read More ...)