What an exciting weekend it’s been. My dear friend Rebecca Sensenig recorded her song “Beautiful Water” at LifeLine Studios for our film.

Early in the life of the Well of Dreams movie I asked Becky if she would write a song for the film. Becky is a gifted artist and I have admired her work for years. A few years ago she put out a CD of original songs and having been a big fan of that work I knew that was exactly the kind of artist we needed for Well of Dreams. She immediately accepted and began working on the song. The title of the song is “Beautiful Water” and it is so awesome the way the song captures the essence of our story.

Becky did another really cool thing for us – she chose the LifeLine Studios to record the work. LifeLine is owned by another gifted musician and audio engineer – Dave Kurtz and Dave added so much to the production. Not only did he record the song for us but he added drums, bass guitar, electric guitar and strings. I’m just thrilled with the rough mix that we got last night.

The other really exciting part to me is that our film crew shot part of the session yesterday and I can’t wait to see the montage that they will put together.

This is some really fun stuff and it is so awesome to have so many talented people working on this project! What a great team!