Nancy Legath is a first grade teacher at the Pickering Valley Elementary School.  Her son, Dan Frantz, is part of the film crew that will be traveling to Kenya next month to shoot the documentary film – Well of  Dreams.  Together, Nancy and Dan thought it would be neat to have the first graders Nancy teaches – send something for the children in Kenya.  We talked with Anne – the subject of our film – about what to send and she met with the people in her village.  They told us that they thought it would be wonderful if we could bring them a few soccer balls.

Apparently the people of Anne’s village have never seen or played with a soccer ball.  Instead they do the best they can to make soccer balls out of paper so that they can play as other children do.  Last week we returned to Pickering Valley Elementary School to accept the soccer balls from the children on behalf of Anne and the village of Angiro, Kenya.  We were very excited to learn that the children had collected 50 soccer balls!  They also contributed $60 to help pay for shipping the balls to Kenya.  Anne had told us that if we could bring 10 soccer balls she could share them with other villages as well!  We figure that with 50 balls, Anne and her team will be able to give the children of many villages the opportunity to play soccer using real soccer balls instead of paper.

NBC 10 was onsite to video some of the event and tomorrow at 5:30 PM – Dan and Nancy will be interviewed on the NBC program Good News!

Anne and her village are thrilled about the gift of 50 soccer balls and she tells us that the children of Angiro are actively practicing with their paper balls because they want to do well in the soccer tournament that Anne has planned to hold while our crew is in Kenya next month.

A very warm and special thank you to the teachers, parents and first grade students at Pickering Valley Elementary School for their generous hearts!  You are making a difference and we applaud you.