Over the course of the last 10 days we have been raising money to meet a need in Anne’s village. She had asked us to try to find a corporation that would donate sanitary napkins to the girls and women of her village. She said that they are luxury items that nobody in her village can afford. And so for the young girls, they end up missing 4-5 days of school each month when they have their cycle. I could hardly believe it. And I wasn’t alone. Over the July 4th holiday I was at my Mother’s and she had some of her friends over. We were talking about my upcoming trip to Africa and the film and I told them about this need. My Mother immediately said that she would like to help. And right away several of her friends concurred. That night I went home and set up a facebook causes page and we began to raise funds to purchase sanitary napkin kits from a wonderful organization called Huru International. Each kit has enough supplies to last a girl for a full year. The kits are $25 each.

I am thrilled to report that when we closed out our campaign today we had right about $7000 and enough to purchase 342 kits. Anne tells me that 250 will supply all of the girls in the school which means we will also have enough to help some of the women of the village.

Thanks to all who helped and recruited. Anne says this will make a huge difference in the lives of these girls.